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LHP Lee H Pappas

A brief background

• My first personal computer: MITS Altair 8800B, 1976
• #1 Atari computer store in New England, ANALOG, 1979
• Launched leading Atari computer magazine,
A.N.A.L.O.G., 1980
• My first email account, via CompuServe, 1981
• I am on the net, 1994
• My first website, 1996
• See Magazines for additional title launches

GearRant is a descendant of, a personal website I started in 1996. With my extensive background in consumer electronics I wanted a sounding board for my voyage through the universe of gadgets, games and goods. My goal is to review, comment on, and of course, rant, on whatever comes my way. Currently I am working at Interbit Data and involved with healthcare solutions to hospitals. I am also in the early stages of launching Next Health Interactive, a start-up also in healthcare.
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